Glencore Bucke

Drilling History

On August 31st, 2017, an exploration program was completed 21 diamond drill holes totaling 1,913.50 m on the Property.  This Phase 1 diamond drill program was designed to confirm and extend the existing known mineralized zones on the Property.  The program tested the Main Zone for a strike length of approximately 55 m and the Northwest Zone for a strike length of approximately 45 m.  Due to the nature of the mineralization, drill holes were closely spaced apart, generally at 10 m along sections, and 12.5 m between sections on average.

Drilling Results

Significant cobalt intersections from the Phase 1 diamond drilling program include: 

  • GB17-04 that intersected 1.62% Co, 7 ppm Ag over 0.50 m from 16.25 to 16.75 m.
  • GB17-06 that intersected 0.25% Co, 12 ppm Ag over 1.75 m from 22.50 to 24.25 m.
  • GB17-06 that intersected 4.45% Co, 34.2 ppm Ag over 0.30 m from 44.40 to 44.70 m.
  • GB17-07 that intersected 1.11% Co, 17.6 ppm Ag over 2.00 m from 98.5 to 100.50 m.
  • GB17-10 that intersected 0.55% Co, 0.8 ppm Ag over 5.00 m from 28.00 to 33.00 m.
  • GB17-13 that intersected 0.46% Co, 132.5 ppm Ag over 0.90 m from 77.60 to 78.00 m.
  • GB17-13 that intersected 0.55% Co, 16.9 ppm Ag over 0.60 m from 100.80 to 101.40 m.
  • GB17-15 that intersected 0.55% Co, 2.1 ppm Ag over 0.90 m from 27.50 to 28.40 m.
  • GB17-15 that intersected 8.42% Co, 136 ppm Ag over 0.30 m from 62.40 to 62.70 m.
  • GB17-18 that intersected 0.43% Co, 86.8 ppm Ag over 0.90 m from 80.10 to 81.00 m.
  • GB17-19 that intersected 0.75% Co, 111.1 ppm Ag over 0.60 m from 46.00 to 46.60 m.
  • GB17-20 that intersected 0.44% Co, 19.4 ppm Ag over 4.05 m from 60.25 to 64.30 m.
  • GB17-21 that intersected 0.73% Co, 50.0 ppm Ag over 0.60 m from 69.70 to 70.30 m.

Significant copper-lead-zinc mineralization was also intersected. The mineralization is associated within or adjacent to the cobalt-silver bearing veins, and as separate zones within the metavolcanics and metasediments. These zones deserve some further investigation as to their possible economic potential. Significant copper-lead-zinc intersections include:

  • GB17-03 that intersected 1.03% Cu, 0.02% Zn, 0.069% Pb over 2.50 m from 38.50 to 41.00 m.
  • GB17-15 that intersected 0.90% Cu, 0.26% Zn, 0.47% Pb over 20.20 m from 42.50 to 62.70 m.
  • GB17-21 that intersected 1.25% Cu, 0.04% Zn, 0.05% Pb over 6.10 m from 67.50 to 73.60 m.

The aforementioned intervals represent core lengths, and not true widths.

Drilling Summary

Results were encouraging with the majority of holes hitting cobalt mineralization including 4.45% cobalt over 0.30 metres in hole GB 17-06 and 8.42% cobalt over 0.3 metres in hole GB-17-15 (core lengths only, not true widths.) In 2018, Fuse completed 24 diamond drill holes totaling 2,559 m in phase II at Glencore Bucke with the intent of intersecting mineralized zones along strike and vertically above and below previous intersections reported in 2017 on the Main and Northwest Zones. The Phase 2 program also tested several outlying targets with drill hole GB18-41 aimed at testing for mineralization at depth beneath a historical trench which intersected anomalous cobalt mineralization. Cobalt, zinc, silver and copper were present. Not all holes were released, with holes GB18-31 through to GB18-40 expected in Q2 2020.

The Fuse Distinction

The ability to raise capital in all market conditions which will ensure corporate objectives are consistently met and shareholder returns are maximized regardless of fluctuations in the global macro economic environment that may impact commodity pricing.