Corporate Philosophy

Our Mission

Fuse Cobalt Inc. seeks to generate and develop energy metal projects that accelerate our modern and environmentally conscious world. Through placing importance on global sustainability, we strive to create shareholder value by providing exposure to the green energy revolution taking place today.

The Energy Metal revolution

The world is currently experiencing a massive change in how we see and use energy. Governments and leaders across the world are beginning to fully abandon their support for fossil fuels, and leading financial institutions have divested billions. It is becoming a norm across the globe to place importance on sustainability in forms of emissions-free buildings, vehicles, processes, and many other applications. Demand is increasing rapidly for the necessary materials required to store and power clean energy.

Fuse Cobalt Inc. has strategically positioned itself to take part in this clean energy revolution. Our exploration efforts are focused on attaining the necessary energy metals required for battery-based storage. Through key properties located in Canada, Fuse Cobalt Inc will explore properties that may contain sources of high-grade cobalt.

Letter to Shareholders

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Fuse Cobalt Inc. The Company is well positioned to move forward in continued exploration of two cobalt properties located near the town of Cobalt in Northern Ontario.

This area has a rich mining history that stretches back over a century.  This culture, knowledge and experience is evident today as many companies currently operating in the Cobalt Camp are beginning to have noteworthy success in this historic world class mining region.

As the Company moves ahead, ensuring best environmental practices will be a priority as will working with the many experienced and talented local operators. The Company can see a path forward to contribute to the renewal of this region in exploring and developing these properties.   

The rest of 2020 will be interesting as external challenges related to the global restart will arise, however, one thing is clear, Fuse is working along side and in support of an established environment based mega trend.  The gradual replacement of fossil fuel powered transportation in favour of electric battery- based alternatives is a transition that is here to stay and one that will only accelerate in the coming years.   

Today, cobalt is a key component in battery manufacturing and will continue to be for the foreseeable future largely due to its unique properties that provide battery stability and enhance driving range.  These are two critical factors, both for safety and practicality.

While the Company is still early stage, the board and the team are focussed on developing these highly prospective cobalt properties and will take every opportunity to increase value for shareholders. As recent global challenges slowly begin to recede, the new future does look promising.  Much has been learned about sustainability.  Through all of the recent turmoil there seems to be a renewed awareness that the time for action is not at some point down the road but is here and is now.

Robert Setter

President & CEO Fuse Cobalt Inc.