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Exploration Company

We seek to generate and develop energy metal projects that accelerate our modern and environmentally conscious world.

Latest News

Fuse Cobalt Inc. (formerly LiCo) has 100% ownership of two highly prospective cobalt properties located in the historical Cobalt Camp in Northern Ontario Canada. With the Teledyne and Glencore Bucke properties, Fuse is well positioned to move forward with cobalt focused exploration programs in line with the global trend toward zero emission electric vehicles powered by lithium ion battery technology where cobalt use is critical to stability and range. Highlights from 2017 drilling at Glencore Bucke included 8.42% cobalt in hole GB 17-15 over 0.3 m and at Teledyne, hole TE-1704 5.06% Co over 1.75 m (drill intersected width.) Fuse Cobalt Inc. is listed on the TSXV Venture Exchange under the symbol FUSE and in the U.S. on the OTCQB symbol FUSEF.

The Company will continue to focus on cobalt project development with the intent of developing these projects into operations focused on mining cobalt for use in a variety of end use applications including EV batteries. 

The Energy metal Revolution

The world is currently experiencing a massive change in how we see and use energy. Governments and leaders across the world are beginning to fully abandon their support for fossil fuels, and leading financial institutions have divested billions. It is becoming a norm across the globe to place importance on sustainability in forms of emissions-free buildings, vehicles, processes, and many other applications. Demand is increasing rapidly for the necessary materials required to store and power clean energy.

Fuse Cobalt Inc. has strategically positioned itself to take part in this clean energy revolution. Our exploration efforts are focused on attaining the necessary energy metals required for battery-based storage. Through key properties located in Canada, Fuse Cobalt Inc will explore properties that may contain sources of high-grade cobalt.

Fuse Insights

Why Green Energy?

A global response to deadly air pollution, the world’s greenhouse gas emission targets, and energy poverty are just a few reasons the global green energy revolution has momentum. It’s the future of our planet.

The Fuse Distinction

The ability to raise capital in all market conditions which will ensure corporate objectives are consistently met and shareholder returns are maximized regardless of fluctuations in the global macro economic environment that may impact commodity pricing.